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Embedded information skills training

We have found UK librarians providing library skills teaching not as a stand alone session, but embedded into academic modules, designed in conjunction with the teaching staff. These sessions run at all levels from 1st year undergraduate to doctoral level. For undergraduates, academics/faculty from the subject department provide the 1st hour of the lecture and the librarian provides the 2nd hour, so that sessions are ‘very joined up.’ Following success in one department, there is now demand for the programme to be extended to others.

We want to know whether this is widespread, or could it be the start of a new trend? US libarians seem to teach more than in the UK – Let us know your views…


From our case studies…

We would like your views on some of the early findings from our case studies. To start with…

We have been told that  many academics/faculty have difficulty with the term ‘information literacy’ – they don’t understand it, or why they need it. In the past it has been interpreted as ‘how to use the catalogue’, or a ‘research thing’.  (UK)

What jargon-busting terms do you use to get your message across to research and teaching staff?

Initial summary of results published for UKSG 2012

See our Publications page for a new set of slides and summary produced to coincide with the UKSG 2012 conference.

More information for case studies

We have added some additional information for institutions interested in participating in our case study research. Please do take a look and get in touch if you’re interested in getting involved!


Case study selection progressing well

Thanks to considerable interest in the project, we have now finalised four of our eight case studies – two in the UK, one in Scandinavia and one in the USA, with others currently under discussion.

However, it is not too late to come forward! We are still looking for one more case study in Scandinavia, and two others in the USA. Please see the Call for Participation below for more details.

Unfortunately, it  will not be possible to include as case studies all those institutions who volunteer. However, libraries will be given an opportunity to  contribute later in the project, during our survey of librarians.

Call for participation

We are looking for higher education libraries, particularly in the US, UK and in Scandinavia, which are delivering exceptionally good and/or innovative support services to research and teaching staff.

If you think your academic library is doing well in supporting research and teaching faculty, we want to hear from you! Your library could be featured as an example of good practice helping the academic library community

  • to promote and develop novel ways to strengthen its relations with academic departments;
  • to enhance the marketing and profiling of library services for this constituency;
  • to maximise its value to research and teaching staff; and
  • to demonstrate that value within and beyond the institution.

If you would like to be considered as one of our eight case studies, to be undertaken during January to March 2012, or would like more information, please contact us.


‘Working together: evolving value for academic libraries’ is a six-month research project that will investigate the value of academic libraries for academic departments.

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